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Our Story

Joule’s is a small Brewery that mainly serves its own collection of 40 Brewery Taps as well as a small local group of loyal Freetrade customers and Partners. Our Taphouses are our pride and joy and we spend all our time thinking how we can make each the best it can be. The strength of each lies with the people who run it, our Tenants who run our Brewery Taps as their own business.

Today, we brew around 7,000 barrels a year, in pints, that’s just over 2 million a year, sounds like a lot, but we are one of the smallest of the local ‘Craft’ Brewers. We also enjoy brewing some cold Craft beer, our flagship Green Monkey is a pure brewed naturally matured lager brewed to the German purity laws of ‘Reinheitsgebot’, we sell a whopping 300,000 pints a year, whichis as much as we can make given it takes 3 weeks to mature and condition. This makes us 0.026% the size of the biggest lagerbrand in the UK and we are more than happy with that market share. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Brewery and seethe care that goes into Joule’s then please do, we would love to try and impress you, we have a section, ‘Visit Us’ on thiswebsite that has all the details.

Brewing Liquor

Joule’s prize winning ales have always relied upon a plentiful supply of pure spring water fortheir taste and clarity.

It was no surprise therefore that Market Drayton was chosen as the new home of Joule’s Brewery following the closure of the original Stone site, sitting as it does above the same Triassic aquifer. The water in Market Drayton emerges from the bunter pebble beds sixty metres below the brewery and is drawn up through our own borehole. The water is very hard, in fact perfect for brewing the finest pale ales. Locals have long been aware of the prize asset under their feet and an example of an earlier well is still to be seen in the front bar of the Red Lion Brewery Tap on the Joule’s Brewery site.

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