Joule’s Brewery presents an estate of beautifully and carefully restored Brewery Taps.

Why we do developments

We take great pride in investing in all of our Taphouses across Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Wales. We have a great belief in creating pubs to become a community hub, somewhere everyone can gather and enjoy a pint of our Joule’s Brewery fresh beer.

Our pubs are layered with tales of heritage and beer, brewing and Joule’s Brewery. Using our quintessential design and brand charisma, we embrace new and reclaimed quality materials to transport people to the pub of their dreams.

Over the past 13 years, we have been committed to investing in our local communities through pub developments and brewing great craft beers for all our customers to enjoy. Pubs play a vital role in our communities and after the challenging years of the Covid pandemic and recovering trade from such a difficult period for the hospitality industry, we have strived to continuously support our Joule’s franchisee’s.

Our build team consist of skilled local tradesman who collectively work closely alongside our Project Manager to create iconic Taphouses, it’s a team effort. They don’t work with any designers, but rather they are the designers themselves and all work together to create fantastic Brewery Taps we know the customers will love. In a time where pubs are closing their doors for good daily, our goal is to continually invest into our Taphouses and create amazing offers with beer at the centre of everything we do.

We are dedicated to continuing to invest in creating great pub offers in local communities where we are confident our Joule’s brand will thrive with fantastic operators at the helm.

Our Process

In brewing we talk about a grain to glass process, what starts with a concept and the raw materials, goes on a journey through craftsmanship, dedication and pure passion to achieve the end result of a great quality pint of beer. We have the same process when it comes to our developments and we never compromise.

Each of our Taphouses are unique in their own way, filled with heritage and character. We never rush a process when it comes to development, we take time to carefully review how we can enhance a Taphouse, upgrade operational spaces for our franchisees and create an offer and space we are confident customer’s will enjoy, all whilst enjoying a pint of Joule’s!

The development team work closely on what it is we want to create, how we are going to deliver that and in the most time effective way.

We ensure every corner is filled with intrigue and antiquity, with careful and considered detail towards preservation, using reclaimed materials as much as possible. We aim to enhance classic features, creating and preserving the brilliant pubs in our estate.

Our skilled tradesmen apply their craftsmanship carefully, applying traditional hand-cut joints on carefully selected reclaimed timbers, creating a beautiful space that perfectly complements our historical buildings. Our admiration for historic buildings means we have a fair few listed buildings within our estate and we work closely with local conservation authorities on how we can preserve and enhance the historic features in all of our pubs.

As a Market Drayton Brewery, we work closely with local suppliers for our materials from timber to stained glass, there’s commitment to all those who play a part in creating our Brewery Taphouses.