Henry Tudor Inn frontage

Tap house where Henry Tudor stayed

Our latest Shrewsbury development investment, which reflects our deep respect for the building’s heritage and stories. In a fitting tribute to the past, Henry Tudor House has been sympathetically renamed as “Henry Tudor Inn 1429,” marking both its historical significance as an “Inn” during Henry Tudor’s stay and the  carbon-dated construction date in 1429.

The taphouse boasts an exciting and eclectic design to celebrate its heritage, with several unique spaces offering a variety of experiences, history, character, and intrigue. The building is adorned with motifs that allude to its rich history, including a Boar’s Head, symbolizing Richard III’s household.

The private dining room remains a central feature of the building and now bears the name “Earl’s Quarters.” This naming pays tribute to Henry Tudor, who once graced these very chambers on his way to the pivotal Battle of Bosworth, where he ascended to the throne as King Henry VII in 1486. The space preserves the memory of the final place he stayed in before battling towards full royalty.

We’ve added other playful and exciting elements throughout the taphouse, which are dedicated to Shrewsbury, and other Salopian history., including the addition of stained glass to the frontage to replace the 20th century obscured glass. The 6 glass panels were commissioned by the directors of Joule’s in 2022 to celebrate the acquisition of this famous Wyle Cop Inn, and to celebrate the Shrewsbury collection of Joule’s taps. The central panel features the Shropshire Loggerheads adjacent to the brewery’s trademark the Red Cross, the 6th oldest beer trademark in the world. The other four pieces each represent of the Shrewsbury Taps. These are all designed and painted by master craftsman Paul Georgiou. Paul also produced the very extensive stained-glass installation of the nearby White Horse in 2020 and the glass work in the Bricklayers completed in 2009.
“The Hold” is a standout feature, drawing inspiration from Henry Tudor Inn’s historical connection as Wyle Cop’s Court House, where prisoners were held overnight prior to trial.

We’ve also added a nod to other areas of town, with a replica of messaging from the Welsh Bridge.

Other additions include “The Old Lion Tap”, a pub within a pub that celebrates the remarkable history of this establishment. Previously known as “Henry Tudor House,” “The Trotting Horse,” and “The Old Lion Tap,” this room has been commemoratively renamed to honour its historical roots. With ‘Tap’ being a focus here, as we have also included a special Green Monkey self-serve station, which can be booked by patrons looking to have the landlord experience and to pour the pints themselves in this pub within a pub. One of our flagship brews, Green Monkey, is a pure brewed and naturally matured lager, enjoyed by beer enthusiasts across the Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire and Wales.

Other additions have been made, including the “Cigar Lounge” upon entry. Containing motifs inspired by the building’s Tudor connection, such as Don Juan & Elizabeth Bas, add a touch of historical charm. The eclectic design ensures that patrons can explore and discover something new at every turn, fostering a sense of intrigue and curiosity.

Henry Tudor Inn 1429 is a testament to Joule’s Brewery’s unwavering commitment to preserving and enhancing the cultural heritage of Shropshire. This light touch restoration project ensures that the building remains a cherished landmark for generations to come, inviting patrons to step back in time while savouring the quality and charm that Joule’s Brewery is renowned for.

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Opening Hours

Mon: Closed
Tues-Thur: 12.00-23.00
Fri & Sat: 12.00-01.00
Sun: 12.00-22.00

  • Joules Beer
  • Real Fire
  • Full Pub Food Offer
  • Dining Area
  • Self-Pour Green Monkey Tap
  • Function Room
  • Private Dining/Meeting Room
  • Regular Music/Entertainment
  • TV – Sports/News
  • Children Allowed
  • Dogs Allowed
  • Town Centre Location

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  • Henry Tudor Inn frontage

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