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At Joule’s Brewery, we’re not just about brewing exceptional beer; we’re dedicated to crafting memorable experiences. As the world’s sixth oldest beer trademark, with a history steeped in tradition and a quality, our journey is a tapestry of commitment.

As passionate pub professionals, we uphold the timeless standards of a proper pub, where attentive and genuinely friendly service creates a vibrant hub of sociability and laughter. Premium experiences that offer unbeatable value for our cherished customers are at the heart of what we do.

Step into our lovingly restored Brewery Taps, each a unique gem reflecting its own distinctive character, entwined with the rich heritage of Joule’s Brewery. We have a deep appreciation for the old – style pubs that have stood the test of time, serving communities for generations, forging connections with our fellow compatriots, and honouring our past.

In our eyes, the perfect pub is a warm, welcoming haven where you instantly become a part of the community, should you wish, all complemented by our signature cask ales and craft beer, drawn through the traditional hand pull engine, creating the quintessential pint.

Joule’s Brewery – where tradition meets excellence, and every pint tells a story.

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We are looking for people to work for Joule’s, but we also need to work for you. Discover the vision behind what we do, and most importantly why we do it. We are proud that our culture is inclusive, driven by our values, and recognises the contribution every single one of our teams makes to our overall success.

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We are a diverse business; from the beer we craft, through to our characterful pubs. We are looking for people who have real enthusiasm for beer and pubs, to join our team, not only in our offices and support services, but also in our taphouses.

Whether you are looking to craft exception beer, or deliver the best customer service, whether that’s from the front of house, or behind the scenes, we have a wide range of roles and locations to suit you.

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Henry Tudor Inn

Our Vision


Across the estate the Brewery has invested in the highest quality natural materials to deliver a ‘no compromise’ inspiring, warm and comfortable place to enjoy on a pub occasion. We pride ourselves on our craftmanship.

Every Tap has a real fire, some two, to ensure every customer benefits from the warmth and glow. Sight lines on entry and throughout the Taps are intelligently engineered to facilitate an essential friendly, inclusive atmosphere. Lighting, furniture, finishes, décor & standards of property maintenance are to a high spec to ensure each Tenant has the best opportunity to provide a great offer.

Member of the Joule's team


The Brewery attracts people who are like-minded and care about our pub culture. People who treasure traditional, straight forward pub values & principles; real ale, real fires, real food, real hospitality. Joule’s Brewery Tenants are relaxed pub professionals, executing proper pub standards, attentive and genuinely friendly service and who can also create a hub of sociability and banter. They are knowledgeable business people in their own right who can make a success of the tenanted model and agreement. We work with Brand Ambassadors who will wear the Red Cross with pride.

Joules Brewery

Relationship With The Brewery

Tenants have pride in the Joule’s Trademark & protect it, each identifies with it & understands the value of the Trademark in their business. They are experts in keeping real ale hence the ales, Joule’s Pale Ale, Pure Blonde, Slumbering Monk & variety of Seasonals are among the best cask conditioned ales money can buy. Tenants encourage customer knowledge of the Brewery & its values.

They participate by hosting as many of their customers as possible at the Brewery each year to experience the Tap’s annual Joule’s Brewery Tour: the brew house, ales, craft cold beers, Mouseroom & famous giant hot pork bap.

This proactive & passionate engagement influences preference for and loyalty to the Brewery, with the ultimate goal being for the customers to become the Brewery’s ambassadors.

Joule’s Customers

By engaging enthusiastically across the region with existing, new and potential customers, people are encouraged and have a propensity to seek out a Joule’s Tap, where they can experience something close to the Brewery. Perfect Joule’s Ale, the perfect pint, a proper traditional pub, and many references to the Brewery, its stories, its narrative and the Red Cross Trademark.

Customers are on Brewery soil, a part of the Brewery itself which is why the Taps are all designed to integrate with care the Trademark throughout, woven in to the fabric: eg etched mirrors, stained glass, carved wood, cut stone, leaded glass, old pictures, Joule’s heritage and information and of course all of the beers in pride of place at the centre of the bar top. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a premium experience at value for money.

Joules Brewery

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Thank you for stopping by and expressing your interest in joining Joule’s Brewery. While we don’t have specific opportunities available at the moment, your desire to be part of our brewing family means a lot to us.

At Joule’s, we believe in the power of talent, and we’re always on the lookout for exceptional individuals who share our love for quality brews. Your unique skills and enthusiasm could be the missing ingredient we’re looking for.

Don’t let the absence of current openings dampen your spirits. We invite you to take a moment and tell us more about yourself by filling out our application form. Your details will be kept in our talent pool, and when the perfect opportunity arises, we’ll be reaching out to you first.

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