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At Joule’s Brewery, we’re not just about brewing exceptional beer; we’re dedicated to crafting memorable experiences. As the world’s sixth oldest beer trademark, with a history steeped in tradition and a quality, our journey is a tapestry of commitment.

As passionate pub professionals, we uphold the timeless standards of a proper pub, where attentive and genuinely friendly service creates a vibrant hub of sociability and laughter. Premium experiences that offer unbeatable value for our cherished customers are at the heart of what we do.

Step into our lovingly restored Brewery Taps, each a unique gem reflecting its own distinctive character, entwined with the rich heritage of Joule’s Brewery. We have a deep appreciation for the old-style pubs that have stood the test of time, serving communities for generations, forging connections with our fellow compatriots and honouring our past.

In our eyes, the perfect pub is a warm, welcoming haven where you instantly become a part of the community, should you wish, all complemented by our signature cask ales and craft beer, drawn through the traditional hand pull engine, creating the quintessential pint.

Joule’s Brewery – Where tradition meets excellence, and every pint tells a story.

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