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Slumbering Monk

Strength 4.5% ABV

Brewed with pure Shropshire Mineral water

Best enjoyed at the pub with Roast Beef, Yorkshire Puddings and a rich meat gravy

Brewed with our local mineral water, drawn from a Triassic Aquifer that sits below the Brewery.

rich premium ale with a real depth of flavour created using a careful blend of English and American ingredients. Full bodied and smooth with bold malt, nut and fruit notes, enhanced by a pleasing bitter hop character.

Factoid: ‘The Slumbering Monk’ is a wonderful carving in our Brewers Hall, indeed carved by the renowned Robert Mouse man Thompson himself. The carved Monk is slumbering on one side of our beautiful carved fireplace and the Devil is looking rather more sinister on the other. Given this work was originally commissioned for a Yorkshire boardroom, we can only assume Mr Thompson had little regard for the ‘goings-on’ of the board room.





Fruity, Hints of Toffee


Crisp, Biscuity, Caramel

Bitter rating
Sweet rating