In an age where community spaces are becoming increasingly vital, there are beacons shining in the heart of Shrewsbury. Among them is George Holding, the landlord of The White Horse, who has not only transformed his establishment into a bustling hub but has also redefined the essence of running a Taphouse. Beyond the realms of financial success, George has woven a tapestry of local culture, embraced traditions, and fostered community connections by bringing new and exciting ideas to the table, both in terms of food offerings and events.

“Forgive me for the cliché but discovering Joule’s Brewery really has been life changing for me. My background has always been in hospitality, working in bars and restaurants from a young age across different parts of the UK. I came to learn of Joule’s from a chance encounter with a previous Joule’s tenant who was visiting my (then) place of work in Liverpool. We hit it off over a mutual love of beer and he revealed that he was in fact a landlord of a Joule’s pub in Shropshire. Hours passed as I learned with fascination more and more about Joule’s Brewery and what it had done for this person’s career. We swapped details and two weeks later I travelled down to Joule’s Brewery to experience it for myself. My experience was enough motivation to leave my current employment and move to Shropshire… a move that would become the best decision of my career!”
– George Holding, White Horse Shrewsbury

George’s journey with Joule’s, starting as an Assistant Manager at the Sandbrook Vaults in Market Drayton, to Landlord at the Dolphin Inn, Shrewsbury, to his current role as the Landlord of The White Horse in Shrewsbury is nothing short of inspiring. His commitment to preserving and promoting local culture has been unwavering throughout his career. Now, at The White Horse, he has elevated this mission to new heights.

At the heart of George’s approach is his understanding that a Taphouse is more than just a place to grab a drink; it’s a space for storytelling, camaraderie, and celebration. Every week, George orchestrates a fantastic rhythm of events that resonate deeply with the local community. From the ever-popular pub quiz to lively games nights, vinyl sessions, and live music performances, The White Horse is a vibrant tapestry of entertainment.

“George has an innate ability to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome, Despite how big this pub is – he manages to get round and get to know everyone” remarked a regular patron. “Whether you’re a local or a just a visitor passing through, stepping into The White Horse feels like coming home.”
“Five years later I am still a Joule’s tenant, however now in a beautifully refurbished large site – a progression made when I reached a point in my career when it was time for growth. I can say whole heartedly that I would never want to leave The Joule’s family and I believe I have found my path in life.”
– George Holding, White Horse Shrewsbury

George’s dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed. Over the years, The White Horse has amassed several prestigious awards, including multiple Green Monkey Flagship of the Year accolades. This year, the establishment clinched the coveted Stone Ale Flagship of the Year award, a testament to George’s commitment to quality and innovation in keg products.

“There are many reasons why being a Joule’s tenant has been life changing for me, such as the marketing support, training programme and freedom to run your own business, however the thing I value most is the relationship I have with every single Brewery employee. I know I am listened to and valued as a Joule’s franchisee, and any challenges I face as a business owner will be overcome with the support of the team. The faith I have in my own ability to run a successful business has always been matched by Joule’s, and the feeling of freedom and utmost support I receive as a Joule’s franchisee I wouldn’t change for the World!”
– George Holding, White Horse, Shrewsbury