Joule’s Brewery is renowned for their deep-rooted heritage with evidence of Joule’s Pale Ale first brewed by Monks in the 16th century just a short distance from where the Brewery now stands in Market Drayton. From the very beginning, every barrel was blessed with a Red Cross to identify its superior qualities. The fourth Brewery, completed in 2010, sits above the same aquifer as the original Brewery meaning the brewing liquor remains identical to the pure mineral water used by the Augustinian Monks.

Vicky Shirley, Brand Manager at Joule’s Brewery, adds “We pride ourselves in brewing beautifully balanced beers for our heartland of Brewery Taps across Shropshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire. With our beers sales growing last year in a declining market we saw an opportunity to Brew some quirky short runs that are limited edition for our Brewery Taps. We have worked closely with our Brewers Andy and Sam taking a look in their closely guarded recipe books to try out some creative and slightly quirky ideas. These brews are all about pushing the boundary’s and celebrating single batch, local production and overall craftsmanship from our highly skilled team.”

Nigel Haighton, Head Brewer at Joule’s Brewery comments “the brewery team are really excited to be given the opportunity to showcase their talents in designing and producing the first single batch ‘limited edition’ brew.  For this first one, we set out to create an Irish style Stout with intense Roast and Chocolate flavours – a beer that will stand out with a complex dark malt and slightly dry after-palate. We all got together to create our recipe and using the very best ingredients we are really pleased with the result. At 4.8% ABV, the beer has the strength to support such robust flavours and will complement our core beer range.’’

Beer is always made using the same four key ingredients: Malted Barley, Water, Hops and Yeast but the beer style and flavour can be manipulated throughout the process. No Stout About It is made with a mixture of Chocolate, Crystal and Pale Malts. The deeply roasted Chocolate Malts produce the deep dark colour and intense flavour of the beer. While it’s bitterness is determined by the First Gold Hops added late in the Copper Kettle. The Joule’s signature Yeast is then added in the fermentation vessel where the beer is carefully temperature controlled before it can be moved into cask where it naturally conditions. This process is essential to creating the perfect, sparkling pint of fine English beer, best served in the bastion of Englishness itself, the Pub. There really is no better combination.

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