Joule’s Brewery

Our Website is currently under development and a new site is due to launch in May 2018. #lovebeerlovepubs

Welcome to Joule's Brewery's Website.  You will find various pages here, information about our brewery, the Joule's story and of course our 3 ales, along with our Seasonal Ale portfolio.  We also have a page about our Brewery Taps, where they are, and each has its own page.  We are very keen to hear from you about any aspect of our brewery so do feel free to e mail us from the contacts page with an e mail address which comes directly to me. I will respond personally, so from time to time there may be a delay in my writing back to you but I assure you I always will, and as soon as I can - good or bad all comments are welcome so we can do more of what is good and less of where we have gone (or are going) wrong.

Our news page has periodic updates where we are pleased to bring you our latest news.

Our Brewing Vision

Our vision is to brew beer of the very best quality, equal to any in the world.

We believe in natural brewing, less is more.  Our beers are very very simple, we use our own mineral water, we use great quality malt and hops - the best we can find.  We have a brilliant brewery plant for quality and consistency.  Our beers are uncomplex, uncluttered recipes and rely on Joule's yeast for their character and our mineral water, our greatest prized asset [more information in the brewing section].  It will be no surprise then that we only brew three core beers, and a seasonal beer every 3 months - the best we can offer, the original Joule's Pale, a classic English Pale Ale, Slumbering Monk our premium silky copper beer, new age Blonde, inspired from the continental tradition, and the current seasonal, Double Hop, a golden pale ale.  We only brew with malt, no cheaper additives, no flavourings - full flower hops, no pellets.  Pure natural and simple - that is our guiding principle.  We also only brew cask ale, in our view bottled ale is never as good as real cask ale, its lacks the subtlety of flavour and texture, the body often stripped out by filtration and pasturation.  For this reason we don't offer any of our beers in bottle, just cask.

This simple approach extends to how we do business, we sell our beer direct to our permanent houses, so it only ever has one journey on our dray, only handled by our own people. We have developed a  strategic distribution partnership with a great, local, well established business, Tanners Wine Merchants, who we know very well, and have a great trading ethos which we share. The Tanners heartland also mirrors the Joule’s heartland, and they have an experienced sales force with an enormous amount of expertise in supporting and servicing their customers.

Because we don't bottle our beer, Joule's ales are just for the pub, it's no great hardship not to be dealing with big supermarket groups, we are backing the great Britsh pub - 100%

"Joule's Ale: Best Served...In a Pub"

Our Vision for Pubs

Our vision for our pubs, or rather 'Brewery Taps', is to create the very best houses we can. Each and every one equal to any in the country, in the very best traditon of the Great Britsh Pub, unique throughout the world.

We aim to create not just good pubs, but exceptional pubs which can faithfully represent our brewery, each a Brewery Tap in their area.  Warm, cosy, full of character and history and offering the best innkeeping, beer of course, but also where we offer food it will be the very best simple english pub food, a great cup of coffee, a proper gin and tonic or good wine.

If you visit any one of our Joule's Brewery Taps and cannot see our passion for pubs and beer, our attention for detail and individuality, each treated with the greatest respect then we will have failed.  It is our aim to create the most wonderful experience in all our tap houses, to showcase our beer at its very best.  Its not an easy challenge to be at our best for every single experience but it is our absolute goal.

Chrissie Nuttall, Managing Director

Joule’s Brewery Ltd.