Landlord Oli enjoying a pint of Pale ahead of the refurb!’

Landlord Oli enjoying a pint of Pale ahead of the refurb!’

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming redevelopment of the historic Royal Oak Eccleshall, a project that seamlessly blends iconic tradition with a modern touch.

From it’s origins in the ancient attics to the mysteries of the cellars, the Royal Oak has stood witness to various eras, evolving from coaching stables to Victorian modifications. Joule’s Brewery is now set to rejuvenate this historical gem, with a project starting today, January 1st 2024.

Adorned with beautiful stained-glass windows depicting old public houses of Eccleshall, the Royal Oak will soon stand grand and proud on Eccleshall High Street. Situated a mere stone’s throw from Joule’s Brewery Flagship Tap in Market Drayton, is poised for a revival.

Catering to pub enthusiasts, the redevelopment aims to create an inviting space where patrons can spend their entire evening. Upgrades will ensure the Royal Oak, Eccleshall transforms into an iconic yet traditional pub. The pub will feature live music, a stage in the coach house, and upgrades to outdoor beer garden making it the go-to destination for a vibrant and lively atmosphere as well as ensuring a curb-side appeal that Joule’s Brewery has notoriously demonstrated across the estate in their iconic Green Monkey Beer Sheds.

Enhancements will touch every aspect, from the bar and dining area to the function room, meeting room, courtyard, and coach house. Back-of-house operations will see upgrades, and energy efficiency will be prioritized with secondary glazed windows. Furthermore, the pub will be adorned in cosy corners to enhance the intimate and welcoming atmosphere, providing a perfect spot for patrons to relax.

Joule’s Brewery is excited to embark on this transformative journey. We hope you will join us in raising a glass to not only a prosperous new year, but a brand-new chapter for the Taphouse to come.

Stay tuned on Joule’s Brewery’s and The Royal Oak, Eccleshall’s social media pages for updates on the development project.