Joule’s Brewery has announced a positive return to trading since their Taphouses re-opened in early July.

John Auld, Operations Director, reports, ‘ We have worked hard to ensure our pubs are safe, welcoming places to be and we’re pleased to see an upturn in volume. We are currently trading at around 75% vs last year, which we believe to be a strong performance coming out of lockdown.’

Joule’s have 42 Taphouses across Staffordshire, Shropshire, Cheshire and Wales and were proud to be one of the first breweries to quash all rents during lockdown to ensure Pub stability. Victoria Colclough, Brand Director, adds, ‘ It’s an unusual time for everyone, but our main focus has always been protecting our Pubs futures, ensuring the quality of service and course beer. That is why we removed all rents in July and on average we have charged 10% rent in August.’ Joule’s has worked closely with their franchisees to ensure business stability and are now predicting an average charge of 30% rent throughout September