Joule’s Brewery will continue to preserve the pubs heritage and tradition, with the first port of call being re-hanging the pub swing sign; missing for over three years. There are also plans to upgrade the beer yard at the rear of the pub, to give a bit more room to while away a sunny afternoon at the Coopers.

Steve Nuttall, Director at Joule’s Brewery comments about his first experience at The Coopers Tavern, ‘It was an honour and a privilege and like so many others I fell in love with the quirky and iconic Coopers enjoying my first beer drawn fresh from the barrel, I have been a fan of Bass ever since. When the opportunity arose for us to buy the Coopers we found it difficult to imagine why anyone could ever part with it, we snapped it up and our whole team is very proud that it is a part of our company and want it to be the best that it can be.’ The Coopers Tavern is now a part of a small select group of Joule’s Brewery Taphouse across Shropshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire

Coopers Tavern, Burton-on-Trent

There will be some essential improvements to the cellar during the development work– to ensure that the ‘perfect pint’ continues to be enjoyed at the Coopers Tavern; with no change to the eclectic beer range, Joule’s is proud that the best selling beer at the Coopers is Joule’s Pale Ale. Bass will of course continue to be sold [from the barrel], as well as an exciting range of other brewers available. Vicky Shirley, Brand Manager comments, ‘We have a real responsibility to this pub; it is a little different from our other Brewery Taphouses, in that is sells a broad range of ales despite being brewery owned –we are very proud to showcase our own ales in Burton.’

For many years Joule’s Brewery has proudly been the ‘House brewer’ at the Coopers, being owned by a small brewer like Joule’s is the perfect partnership. It is also Joule’s Brewery’s headquarters in Burton, hosting all meetings with Molson Coors, even signing brand agreements in the pub; a proud part of Joule’s history now. It is much stronger and better that the Coopers not only has a past brewing heritage, but also a future one. Steve Nuttall, continues ‘I believe that local people now understand that the Coopers is a part of Joule’s, and we will continue to be the house and sponsor brewer, no more than that. The Coopers is a unique pub both to the country and also within our own small portfolio, it will remain just that.’

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