The Shropshire based Brewer announced this week a new style of pub agreement.

The Darwin Agreement is available from September 2020. Vicky Colclough, Brand Director, explains ‘Created to support entrepreneurs, the Darwin Agreement is all about helping people who wish to take on their first Joule’s Brewery Taphouse.

The first year in establishing a new business is often a daunting process, but when its right, talented folk thrive and go from strength to strength in a Joule’s Brewery Taphouse.’

Joule’s Brewery has committed a sponsorship fund of £50,000.00 every year to support new Franchisees; the support is available through the new Darwin Agreement.

The agreement is a one-year programme to develop great pub people through training and support committed to by the Brewery. John Auld, Operations Director, adds, ‘Our focus is to stabilise and help our new Franchisees to establish a solid business with plans for growth in preparation for a five-year Franchisee agreement. We believe that the training we offer across, Cellars, Brand, Business Development, Retailing and Food is key.’

Joule’s Brewery is looking for likeminded folk, who love the pub trade, people who dream of taking on their first pub, understand what a good job looks like and above all understand the hard work that goes into running a great pub. If you lead from the front and are great host, who isn’t afraid of pulling a pint and delving in to embrace their local community, by Joule’s, you’ll be welcome.