Who do you want pulling your pints? Recommend a Landlord!

In a bid to foster industry growth and engage with our loyal community, we are offering a year of free beer to the individual who helps us find our next great landlord.

We are thrilled to announce a new campaign designed to find the perfect landlord for our next pub opportunity.

We want to hear from you—our customers, friends, and partners—about who should be serving your pints, by making you part of this process, we hope to discover a landlord who is not only skilled and passionate about beer but also deeply connected to the community they will serve.

To recommend a potential landlord, simply  fill out the nomination form below. Include details about why your nominee would make an excellent landlord, their experience in the industry, and any other relevant information.

If your nominee is chosen you will receive a year’s supply of Joule’s beers, a prize valued at over £1,500.