We are delighted that we have received formal planning approval for the creation of the Stone Heritage Centre which is proposed to be in the old fire station adjacent to Crown Wharf.

heritage centre plans

Crown Wharf Steering group, consisting of Stone Town Council, Joules Brewery and Stone Revellers proposed an exciting tripartite scheme for Crown Wharf which would enhance the town centre leisure scene and connect the town to the canal, a pivotal goal of the town plan.

Planning for Joule’s flagship taphouse and the new theatre was granted in January 2019 and is currently under construction.  Planning was finally granted today for the last element of the scheme, the new Stone Heritage Centre.

Plans have been approved to change the use of the old fire station for leisure purposes and to incorporate a café.  Joule’s Brewery is sponsoring the scheme by providing the existing building for a peppercorn rent of £1 per year in perpetuity.  Stone Town Council will fund the fit-out and the works to create a café.  Joule’s will commence the completion of the shell works with a view the project can be completed during 2020