Joule’s Brewery, an established and historic brewery, proudly announces the launch of its very first West Coast IPA, Bodega Bay. This eagerly anticipated addition to Joule’s beer portfolio promises to captivate the palates of beer enthusiasts, available exclusively on draught.

Bodega Bay is a meticulously crafted island getaway in a glass, featuring a harmonious blend of hops that produce ripe aromas and flavours of stone fruit, citrus, honeycomb, and pine. This medium-bodied West Coast IPA boasts a distinctive hop-driven bitterness, providing a robust warmth that promises an unparalleled drinking experience. The beer’s overall crisp flavour profile ensures it’s an ideal companion for the ultimate enjoyment over the coming winter months.

With its enticing notes of berries and potpourri on the nose, Bodega Bay delivers an aromatic journey that culminates in a deep burnished and beautifully gold colour—a visual delight for beer connoisseurs. Perfectly suited for cold, bright sunny nights, Bodega Bay is set to become the go-to choice for those seeking a refreshing and unique draught beer experience.

What sets Bodega Bay apart is not just its exceptional flavour profile but also its exclusive availability on draught. Crafted with care, this West Coast IPA Joule’s Brewery commitment to innovation and quality, as the sixth oldest beer trademark in the world.

“The brewers jumped at the chance to start development of our very own take on a West Coast IPA, a popular beer in and out of the brew team.” said Sam Riley, Head Brewer at Joule’s Brewery. “We delved into an array of hops carefully selecting a combination of those synonymous with the style and some that added our own touch, totalling a hefty 6 different varieties. With its big, bold flavours and moreish quality, I’m sure you’ll bump into the team at the bar as they order what is sure to be a go to drink for the next couple of months.”

Georgia Charlton-Briggs, Brand Manager at Joule comments: “We’re excited to unveil Bodega Bay as our inaugural West Coast IPA, we invite beer enthusiasts to join us in savouring this exceptional brew and experience our latest creation.”

Bodega Bay is now pouring exclusively on draught at Joule’s pubs in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Wales.