Joule’s Brewery are looking for the best landlord in Shropshire to take the helm at The Bricklayers Arms. We invite aspiring landlords to step up and join our family, becoming part of the vibrant community in Shrewsbury.

Our team in Shrewsbury is renowned for its exceptional calibre, and we are eager to welcome new talent into our fold. If you’ve got the passion and the drive, we want you to step up and join our family at The Bricklayers Arms. We believe in finding the right person for the job and are committed to making the deal work for you. We’re open to negotiating on funds to ensure it’s a perfect fit for both you and the pub, including offering a deposit builder to help facilitate your entry into this exciting venture.

The Darwin Agreement

Joule’s Brewery is proud to announce the continuation of our annual commitment of £50,000.00 to support new tenants through the Darwin Agreement. This one-year program is designed to nurture great pub talent by providing comprehensive training and support from the Brewery.

Joule’s Brewery proudly announces the continuation of its annual commitment of £50,000.00 to support aspiring pub entrepreneurs through the renowned Darwin Agreement. This initiative, now in its 5th year, remains a key part of the Brewery’s mission to foster talent and excellence within the pub industry.

The Darwin Agreement, a one-year program is designed to nurture budding pub talent, remains at the forefront of Joule’s Brewery’s efforts to empower individuals on their journey to owning and operating successful pubs. Acknowledging the challenges inherent in the first year of establishing a new business, the program provides comprehensive training and support, enabling tenants to flourish within a Joule’s Brewery taphouse environment.

We are excited to continue our support for individuals who share our passion for exceptional beer, inviting pubs, and delightful food,” says Georgia Charlton-Briggs, Brand Manager at Joule’s Brewery. “Through the Darwin Agreement, we aim to identify passionate leaders who are eager to immerse themselves in their local communities and deliver a great pub experience.”

The support package provided under the Darwin Agreement encompasses a myriad of benefits tailored to equip pub entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and resources for success. From beer and cellar training to assistance with brand and retail standards, deposit building, and HR support; participants receive comprehensive guidance throughout their tenure. Additionally, Joule’s Brewery’s expert consultant chef collaborates with tenants on menu development, while the marketing team assists in promoting their pub through engaging events and live music nights.

At Joule’s Brewery, we remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering aspiring pub owners,” adds Rachel Hackett, Recruitment Manager at Joule’s Brewery “Our goal is to provide a supportive environment that enables individuals to focus on delivering exceptional experiences to their patrons, while we handle the intricacies of brewery operations.”

Under the Darwin Agreement, tenants enjoy the flexibility to choose their spirits, wines, minerals, and food suppliers, while all beers and ciders are supplied by Joule’s Brewery and partners, Molson Coors. Furthermore, Joule’s Brewery offers four tiers of discounts tailored to suit different pub trading styles, with rents set at fair maintainable trade.

Applications for the Darwin Agreement remain open, offering aspiring landlords the opportunity to embark on an exciting journey with Joule’s Brewery.