Twenty-five years ago, in the Spring of 1994, a group of fiddle players from The Brewhouse Arts Centre were looking for a place to play their music together and decided to try The Coopers Tavern. On a quiet Tuesday evening, the Landlords welcomed the group in and they have been there every Tuesday night ever since. Over time the landlords have change but there has always been a fantastic support for the Folk Club.

For over two decades traditional folk music has been played by the fireside in the Coopers Tavern, Burton, beckoning in folk musicians and singers with a variety of instruments including fiddles, whistles, flutes, button accordions, guitars, concertinas, and even bagpipes. The session has seen musicians visit from far and wide, even Canada, America and Australia as well as the musical heartlands of Scotland and Ireland.

Chris Edwards, a founding member who is still actively involved says:
The session has only ever been held for the personal enjoyment of the players but is well known throughout Burton, other Breweries even recommend it to their customers. It’s fantastic to include new upcoming talents along with a high standard of players, and we hope that the session will still be going in another 25 years.

To celebrate on the last two Tuesdays of February the Coopers Tavern will host extra special Folk Club sessions with original players in attendance, it’s expected that a group of 10 fiddle players from over the years will gather by the fire to share their music along with a range of other musicians. Quite an unusual sight to see and it’s expected to fill the pub. This will make for a fantastic evening alongside the broad range of beers available from handpull, cask and bottle that the Coopers is famous for.

On behalf of the Folk Club Chris Edwards would like to thank the landlords, landladies and the Brewery, who over the 25 years have welcomed and supported them as well as the good people of Burton for coming to listen and enjoy their music.

The special nights will be held at the pub from 8:30pm on Tuesday 19th of February and Tuesday 26th of February. Head over to the Coopers Tavern Facebook page for more, there’s bound to be a video or two to see if you can’t make it @cooperstavernburton

All photos copyright of John Watson at Jazz Camera