Two weeks ago on Thursday the 13th of February we were delighted to host the Shropshire Red Cross Committee for an evening of fundraising in the Mouseroom at the Brewery and are pleased to announce that they have raised a superb total of £2052.34 for this well-deserving cause.

On the night the committee all took part in an express training session in the art of pouring the perfect pint and were soon put to work. The pints were flowing at the Mouseroom bar as we hosted Market Drayton’s Great Beer after work. A number of local businesses and clubs were invited to the event where all the beers free, all that was asked for was a donation to the charity. There was even limited-edition ‘Beer For Aid’ T-shirts up for grabs. Accompanied by live music from local duo Money Gum this made for the perfect wind-down after work.

As soon as the music finished in the Mouseroom there was a quick change around as over 60 guests began to arrive for an evenings Brewery Tour hosted by managing director Steve Nuttall and head brewer Rob Handy. it’s safe to say they certainly took up the challenge of drinking us dry!

Charlie Bedell of the Shropshire Red Cross Committee comments “An amazing sum of £2052.34 was raised for the charity… The baps & beer were very much enjoyed as was the tour and your talk about the Joule’s Brewery and it’s Red Cross Trademark”

Joule’s Pale Ales famously originated from Stone just across the county border from Market Drayton, where beer had been brewed since the 16th century, first by Augustinian Monks. They brewed at the priory in Stone which stood until 1749 and were known to bless each barrel marking it with a red cross to identify its superior qualities. John Joule skilfully adopted this sign of the Red Cross for his ales and registered this very famous trademark in 1867, making the Red Cross the 6th oldest beer trademark in the world, after the Bass Red Triangle, Bass Diamond, Guinness Harp, Whitbread Unicorn & Berry Brothers Barrel.

The Red Cross was later adopted as the international symbol for aid, Joule’s with its pre-dated Trade Mark has the unique right to use the symbol commercially, and in respect of the Red Cross, we flank the mark with the word Trade Mark to ensure differentiation and never depict it on a white dray.