On the same day, Boris told the public to stay away from pubs Joule’s halved all rents.

On the same day, Joules told all its franchisees that they would provide credit for any beer in the cellar, reassuring, in advance that no one would be stuck with unsaleable stock. 

On the day Boris closed all pubs, Joule’s cancelled all rents on the same day and committed to no rental charges for as long as its takes, no ‘if’ ‘buts’ or ‘maybes’ no deferments, no later reviews, no quibbles, all rent cancelled, for as long as its takes.

Joule’s has offered the most comprehensive support by any pub company in the country

Joules has announced today that once its pubs can re-open, the Brewery will not ask for rent payments in full. Over the next few weeks, Joule’s will be preparing its reopening plan with their 42 franchisees. The relaunch plan includes that every pub has a promised period of rent concession.

John Auld Operations Director adds, ‘As locations and opportunities are all varied our plans will be pub by pub. We must start our planning by recognising that we will be re-opening in a different world – so we will have to respond to that. Each plan will be flexible and will be adjusted as we gain insight into how trade materialises. We intend to go step by step and be highly responsive. Our franchisees are very engaged; we have solid relationships and trust, making us highly adaptable as a business.”

 Joule’s has promised that every pub will have a meaningful concession when pubs can re-open, and these arrangements will remain flexible until the new landscape is fully understood.