Old Town Hall Vaults

St Marys Street, Whitchurch, Shropshire SY13 1QU
T: 01948 664682

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The Old Town Hall Vaults was built in the 1830’s as a merchant’s house for a trader on the high street.  It has extensive vaulted cellars for the storage of goods. It was one of the first houses on back street. When this house became a parlour pub it was called the Back Street Inn and known locally as the Backies. When back street became gentrified the street name was changed to St Marys Street and the inn changed its name to The Corn market Inn – altogether a more upmarket affair!

At this time the inn was owned by John David Jones, the pub was simple, no bar, and just two small parlour rooms. The family had their front room also on the ground floor, on February 17th 1862 German Edward Jones was born in this room and would achieve fame and fortune as one of the nation’s formost composers, Sir Edward German.

The corn market Inn changed its name after the family sold the pub to The Old Town Hall Vaults [due to the impressive vaulted cellars] early in the 20th century but to this day is still known locally as the backies.

Joules was lucky to have been able to buy this famous inn from Marston’s in 2008 and refurbished this classic parlour pub in 2012, retaining all the original rooms and features, including two open fires. The inn is much today as it has always been, an ale house with little rooms and a quaint yard.

Odd fact: The backies has the only outside privy still in use in north shropshire and is the only listed privy in the county!