Tenancy Details

Who Are We

We are a small Brewery Pub Company which values its Tenants, we work closely with everyone and aim to offer a fair and harmonious long term deal in the best tradition of the regional brewers rather than a national pub co. or a microbrewery.

Joule’s Brewery currently operates 40 Houses each of which it is immensely proud. Should you wish to discuss recruitment opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact us, even for an informal chat. We would be delighted to show you the Brewery and introduce you to our Tenants.

Equally, we welcome potential Tenants to contact our current Tenants to discuss the realties one to one, should you like to know who has been with us for the longest and knows us best, we will happily guide you.


We feel our rents are fair and at the lower end of the spectrum; we aim to be no greater than 10% of a fair and maintainable trade. Within the cost we offer a fully furnished pub with the exception of plant and catering equipment although in many cases some original equipment is inherited on the inventory. The rent is indexed to RPI annually on April 1st and is not subject to any other review*; if a Tenant does better than expected we do not review the rent upwards – just RPI increases.

*If a pub is let pre-investment there is likely to be two rental figures – pre and post – depending on size of investment. This will be clearly discussed prior to any investment.

Tie and Discounts

Tenants are fully tied to buying all draught and bottled beer and cider from Joule’s Brewery. Real Ales are all from Joule’s Brewery, Joule’s Pale Ale, Joule’s Slumbering Monk, Joule’s Pure Blonde and one of the rotating Joule’s Seasonal ales. One or 2 of our Brewery Taps also have a guest hand pull which is also tied to the Brewery and sourced through our Brewery Friends.

Tenants are not tied on any other category, however we have negotiated as best we can for soft drinks, wines, spirits and other bottled products for all our houses.

‘In going’

Tenants fund all their own electrical equipment, catering equipment, consumables, unbranded glassware, stock and so on. The fixtures and fittings however are already in situ but the Tenant will be expected to maintain these, keep them clean and polished and generally take responsibility for keeping the Taphouse in good order, reporting things to us when the Tenant is unable to fix. Tenants will be required to provide a £10k deposit as a form of security for rent, beer and inventory, this is returned on the termination of our agreement. There are also possibilities of financial ‘build up’ schemes if the Tenant has the majority of the £10k but need to ‘top up’ once trading.


Our Brewery Taps are restored to a high standard so the start point is good. After that the Brewery is responsible for the structure of the building and the Tenant for the day to day upkeep and wear & tear, working closely with our Brewery Tap Development Manager to ensure everything is kept tip top.

Other Benefits

  • Annual Premises License fee is paid for by the Brewery
  • No licensing solicitors fees
  • No hidden cellar or technical support costs
  • Business Insurance payable by the Tenant however the premium is well negotiated annually for the group.

Helpful Documentation

  • Brewery Tap Vision
  • Brewery Tap Business Plan
  • Top Tap Booklet, clearly depicts our view of a perfect pub, presented by each of our own Brewery Taps.
  • Brewery Tap Food, style, menu banks provided as guidance