Joule's Blonde

English brewers have evolved beer styles for hundreds of years, the newest beer style to emerge is blonde, sometimes refered to as gold or golden.  Brewers have thier own variations of this syle but all types are very pale, the palest of these tend to use lager malt.  Lager malts have a very distinctive characteristic, the germinating barley grain is halted earlier in the process so has less sugar and more carbohydrate, some residual protiens.  In flavour less malty.  This less malty charateristic is an ideal base for the brewer to use a floral hop - the hops then have a little more dominance in the final beer.

This very modern beer style is fresh, and has a hoppy - citrus nose.  In our blonde beer we have created a beer that is designed to be uncompromsing in this style.  We use mostly lager malt and a Czech hop variety Saaz.  Saaz is the worlds most expensive hop, it is tricky to grow, has low yeilds and is low in aplha acid [the bitterness we get from hops].  It is an old why use it?  Saaz is an aroma hop - it has a lot of delicate light hop oils which produce the hoppy, citrus nose, some even note pineapple. So very much a hop aroma but with a light delicate fruity overtone and the lager malt allows this hop character through to the fore.  Our Blonde also greatly benefits from being brewed with pure soft mineral water - the fresh and clean upfront character of our Pale Ale is evident in our Blonde and the result of our pure water source.

Blonde is best served slightly colder than our other ales and is a continentally inspired blonde beer, light delicate, hoppy, subtle, and at 3.8% still very satisfying.